Sunday, August 14, 2011

What the Fed should do

The Fed has promised to keep interest rates at zero. Savings are not really savings when inflation is above zero. You're supposed to trust your money to the market. Of course the market is worth zero and the market should be regulated by the gaming commissions which protect gamblers from making any money.

Anyway, the Fed should raise raise interest rates so that savers could get 5 or 6 percent interest on savings. That won't happen until that rate of return won't do savers any good. Some of us remember when simple savings accounts paid 5 percent. That isn't enough to put anyone over the top, anyone who isn't already over the top, But it would give people an option to stay out of the market and cause a little grief to their brokers. That's a good thing.

Honest interest rates to savers would would really annoy a lot of people. It wouldn't annoy honest people, just bankers, brokers, traders and traitors. That's at least okay.

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