Monday, November 8, 2010


    Pizza is good. Even the pizza you get from some national chains. But those aren't great.The crust for one, is just bread. The sauce is generic. I remember my first taste of Pizza Hut. Not bad, but not the pizza I was used to. I was used to 8 pizza parlors within 15 miles, each with a unique crust, and a unique sauce. Obviously, I didn't live in N.Y.C.. The farthest one out served Sicilian. I'd never had it before. Loved it, but not more than the regular ones. (Sicilian is a deep dish pizza that has a great crust. The corner slices were the most prized, and it wasn't gloppy or gross like that stuff termed deep dish which is so common now.)
I remember Nedick's as a kid. Huge thin slices, dripping with oil, washed down with orange soda. Not the best pizza ever, but magic because it was next to the Garden.
The secret to great pizza is the cheese. As some recent TV character pointed out, Mob cheese is the best. I had never thought about it before. It was all Mob cheese back then. It really was better.

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