Wednesday, April 20, 2011


     Now that Barry Bonds has been convicted of obstruction of justice for not convicting himself of the unproven allegations, I think it is totally plausible that a Ken Griffey looking guy can turn into OptimusPrime late in his career. It doesn't matter. The real scandal is how overzealous enforcement crippled the use of drugs that served a real benefit. Wasting diseases, burns, and even AIDS patients could receive help from steroids, but because doctors were harassed and even jailed for over prescription, doctors were unwilling to use them. In the early days, I guess this was to prevent body builders from getting ripped, back around 'Ultimate Orange'. Then to protect the sanctity of home- run records and to protect young athletes from themselves. A noble thing I guess. You shouldn't add hormones to kids awash with them already. But athletes have always been better at doping than the testers at testing. One body builder published a list of stuff he took, not prescribed, and it was about 50 different substances. Hormones, stuff to counter the side effects, stuff to counter that stuffs side effects, stuff to mask all that stuff. And of course he still had to work like a dog. But anyway, these drugs afforded real benefits to some in need and were underutilized because it wasn't worth the hassle doctors would receive if they prescribed them.

     I do wonder how many homers Mantle could have hit if he'd been on the juice instead of the sauce.

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